Digital imaging craftsmanship

Imatgedart is the best name that came up to my mind when in 2007 I started (again) my journey in the web. Imatgedart is just the contraction of two words, image and art, in catalan. Not really complicated.

Així és com es veia la meva pàgina el 2007, poc temps després de donar-la d'alta

My website looked like this back in 2007, some time just after setting up this domain.

My name is Raimon Guarro i Nogués and I’m a visual artist. If I were to start now this process, probably I would not use this word but my name instead (here I tell you about who I am and why I do what I do), but the thing is that this word Imatgedart still identifies me and means something like everything that interests me. So I keep it.

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