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It’s true: the moment when I started to draw and the first remembered by me are melt into the soup of memory. That doesn’t mean I have nothing to learn. I’m not saying this from false modesty, and this is why:

For many of my years in the university and the ones that followed, I didn’t practice drawing. At that moment of my life I experienced and learned about other things. Drawing it’s a democratic enough field so if you practice from day to day, you’ll see results improving. Unfortunately, also the opposite is true and you lose your hand at it if you don’t practise. It was in 2013 when I became really aware about this and joined the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc to solve this issue.

I try to attend at Sant Lluc at least once a week. There the members enjoy proper facilities to practise drawing by doing sketches from human figure. Sketches from live model allow to practise the most essential things you need as a draftsman, which is having the hand and the brain agile enough.

I noticed, though, that I still had some weaknesses in my drawing, and just model sketches weren’t enough to improve on these. Since in sketches it’s more important having a loose and expressive stroke than being exact. This led me to join the Barcelona Academy of Art, where I did two quarters copying Bargue plates. Although I’m currently not able to continue on these studies, I hope to do it soon. And, on the other hand, I can still practise these areas on personal and slow projects that I can approach under pacience and slow progress, that is the core of Barcelona Academy of Art proposal.

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