Digital imaging craftsmanship


Una altra captura de la façana de San Telmo a Sevilla

My take on the world of audiovisual mapping was almost a matter of luck; but despite this it is tightly related to my professional dedication to 3D. One day many years ago Eduard from Telenoika asked me to give a workshop about Blender housed by the collective. From here I started to get to know and later get involved with them, and thanks to this I knew about the mapping technique and all its context.

Mapping is a technique -or say an artistic expression if you prefer- which it’s always paired with some kind of magic. Yet its foundations are a straightforward application of several other visual creation techniques that are there since many years ago. Projecting light, video editing, image postproduction, 3D creation. Nothing new at all.

My skills on those fields and mainly into 3D helped me to develop a versatile profile in the production teams in which I took part. From the technical scoutings to the building to be projected, and modelling it in 3D, to the actual creation of visual content. Also for the mapping workshops I give this profile is useful, because I can offer a global view of the several factors which interact each other in the production.

Count on me if you need someone to model buildings in 3D or to create video content for mapping shows!

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