Digital imaging craftsmanship


Retrat Raimon mirant enrere

Since one or two years ago, I can state that I’m teaching for more than half of my life. The only secret thing about this is starting early enough to reach sooner the right age to qualify for this. In my case, I started when I was 17. If you are interested in knowing more about my journey in this field, I expect to publish soon a video in catalan where I explain this in detail.

To the point. Teaching is my vocation and I can help you to learn specialized digital tools, in a way that you’ll learn the reason behind how you do things. This way, you can consciously make decisions later, when you’ll be working on your own. I focus in free software tools, and I’m offering a learning experience that’s difficult to find anywhere else, to learn how to:

  • edit video without Adobe Premiere
  • image postproduction without After Effects
  • 3D creation without 3DS Max or Cinema 4D
  • create vector graphics without Adobe Illustrator
  • working with images without Photoshop

We can do this using tools which are 100% free software. Tools such as Blender, Inkscape, Krita and many others have a license that allow you to use them for free, and they can deliver the same results. If we can obtain those same results than with other tools, this demonstrates that actually tools don’t matter, and is the knowledge and the skills in using them the most important thing.

In my digital creation courses and workshops you’ll see that I explain how to work with tools, the mechanics; of course, because it’s necessary. But I’ll also dive into the concepts that make us able to understand those mechanics. This way, when you later work on your projects you’ll be able to decide freely, without having to rely all the time on tutorials or even a teacher to have the results you want to reach.

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