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Captura del model de Dyane 400 a Blender

A while ago, someone from my job area asked me whether I could claim some expertise in the 3D modelling area. I consider myself an honest person and if they ask me I’m going to answer that modelling isn’t my main speciality.

But somehow my career of more than 10 years as a 3D generalist implies that, even just for the sake of script needs, I learned a lot about modelling for several fields needs. Moreover, I have been doing all this in Blender, a software which is known for the speed and ease at modelling tasks. For this reason there’s a good chance that I’m able to model better and faster than many other people you could know about.

This is what I did:

Façade/building models for mapping shows

My previous experience in elementary modelling procedures allowed me to dive in façade modelling almost from the very beginning when I started to work in mapping. You can also watch in the video the following buildings I’ve modeled so far:

  • The Parlament de Catalunya (to replace a laser-scanned base mesh)
  • Santa Caterina, in Girona, for the 2014 edition of Festival Internacional de Màpping de Girona
  • Casa Masó in Girona, for the same 2014 edition of FIMG.
  • La Mercè, also in Girona, for the MOT Festival and other further uses.

Human figure, cars and sculptures

In the last two years I’ve completed some projects that complement and consolidate my modelling skills:

  • I finished a female human figure by following the educational DVD Blenderella published by the Blender Foundation.
  • I’ve also finished by myself a car model of the Citroën Dyane 400.
  • In January2017 I took part in the Sculpt January challenge, which was about doing a daily sculpture following a provided subject. You can see at my Artstation the whole series of 31 digital sculptures.
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