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My grandfather was lucky enough to celebrate up to one hundred years, in good health all of them. Photography and domestic cinema were among his hobbies, and he did until my grandmother died. He wasn’t completely crushed down after that, but probably sadness had something to do in not taking photos or recording anymore after that.

During Christmas, when family gathered together, my grandfather projected some of these films. But actually most of them weren’t from him but Charlot or Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy films. In the last years of his life, all of this filmic material slowly sank into oblivion. And, for reasons too long to explain here, it finally came to my hands. Inside 13 cardboard boxes there were around 300 rolls of film of several lengths, in Super8, 8mm and 9,5mm formats. Oddities and video cassettes from the 90’s as well.

Thanks to the funding gathered from my own family I was able to invest all my work during the weeks needed to build a catalog and digitize all this stuff. The final result is a keyword based digital archiving system. And with it is quite simple to locate, both physically and digitally, any of those films from my grandfather.

You can have a glimpse of what my work was in this process, and watch more images recorded by my grandfather, having a look at those links:

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