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Màpping de Veritat

Captura del Màpping de Veritat

Màpping de Veritat (something like true mapping in catalan) is a project that began as a way to do my own, domestic projection mapping experiments. That was 2015. By then I already had on my back some experience in professional mapping projects, and I wanted to come back to the first learnings I did in this technique, taught by Joanie Lermercier. Those early experiments were essentialy projecting over drawings and 2D surfaces. So, instead of a façade, I played projecting video content generated in 3D over a drawing that I did in my Fine Arts faculty days.

The results happened to be quite surprising, so I kept working and adding up everything I discovered during my experimentation. And this is how it became something ready to be exhibited. Then, after my residency in Medialab-Prado (in which I had the chance to learn Puredata) I also added to the installation my experiments with interactivity. Along this way, Màpping de Veritat has been exhibited with great reception from the audience at:

  • Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona, during the 15th anniversary celebration of the Telenoika collective, in october 2015
  • VSL TNT showcase in Terrassa, during this same october 2015
  • Medialab-Prado, during the Interactivos’16 residencies program closing party, in july 2016
  • Keyframebcn event at Hangar, Barcelona, a VJ and DJ meeting open to all audiences, in september 2016
  • Konvent de Cal Rosal, during a collaborative action for the Casa tomada exhibition, in september 2017.

You can learn more about this small scale mapping installation at

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