Digital imaging craftsmanship


Exxemple de la tipografia Versada

I don’t consider myself a graphic designer. Even less, and to fade away any misunderstanding, I don’t consider myself a typography designer, neither. I did this exercise, which was about designing a complete typography, in the course of Digital typography in my Fine Arts studies. I’m showcasing it here because in addition to many important concepts about typography and vector drawing that I’m still using today, the most important thing that the teacher Daniel Rodríguez Valero taught us was stressing how important is the method and knowing how to evaluate your work in an independent way from the tool you’re using. Surprisingly (or perhaps not that much) the way I’m teaching Blender nowadays has a lot to do with how Daniel taught typography to me.

Versada is a typography based on my own handwritting, because that was exactly the point of the exercise. I did it using the Macromedia Fontographer and Freehand softwares.

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