Digital imaging craftsmanship

In 2015 the Festival Internacional de Màpping de Girona (FIMG) selected me together with other 14 contestants to enter the festival competition. The works had to fit into a proposed topic around contradictions. My entry used the Adagio from the summer in The four seasons as a musical basis for the images that depicted an opposition between natural and urban landscapes, as it was also suggested by the title of the piece, Skyscraper & the mountain peak.

Being able to handle myself alone the whole process of creation of a 5 minutes long audiovisual piece brought to me a signifiant growth. It was also a priority and discard exercise, because the working timeframe was only about two months. My stay at the Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera to work on the concept, storyboard and plan was a key move to keep under strict control the whole production stage.

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