Privacy terms

Please note that this is a human translation from catalan; my english is not my main language and self-taught, so please excuse any grammar mistakes.

When you provide your contact details in order to subscribe to the newsletter, buy a product or any other process that require them, you agree with your mail address being included in a private database with the purpose to store contact data from all the people explicitly interested in the contents from this website. If you want to know more on how this relates to the Personal data protection law and the european GDPR and this site, you can find more info here.

You may receive commercial offers from me, or a newsletter. The newsletter is a more or less periodic communication, and it may contain information that I considered objectively useful, mainly about visual arts (video, drawing, mapping, painting, festivals, etc.), or about other cultural issues or from another kind that I found justified to include. I will also use this newsletter to send you commercial offers of my work and my services. Which obviously I hope to be useful for you.

My point on informing you about all this stuff if to make it clear that the same way other newsletter do, this one has a promotional purpose. In this case about my artistic and professional activity. If you subscrive to the newsletter you agree to receive that kind of communication.

On this matter, I commit myself to:

  • keep the issues sent under a reasonable amount. Right now I’m not able to specify what this means exactly because I still don’t know about what my publishing pace will be.
  • don’t try to sell anything to you in a clumsy way; but when I’m going to sell some product or service, you’ll be one of the first to know it.
  • don’t transfer or sell your data for other purposes than what’s detailed here. I’m not going to do with your data things that I don’t like they do with mine.

You can remove your subscription at any time you wish. As you may guess, I’m the first interested in doing my best for not giving you (enough) reasons to do it.